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Yukon Wood Wagonette
Yukon Wood Wagonette

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Quantity:  Yukon Wood Wagonette
Thank you for inquiring about the Yukon Wooden Wagonette.  The Yukon Wooden Wagonette is a special order vehicle custom made to your needs.

The base price includes the following.

-          Import charges and shipping to a warehouse in CT.

-          Independent trailing arm air ride suspension

-          Hydraulic brakes on front and rear wheels with Bosch calipers, separate brake pedals for front and rear

-          Marathon type seats in front (2), front seats are divided with a “step thru” between seats.  High quality, UV resistant vinyl covering (black).

-          It has rear facing seats (for 4 adults) 47” long high quality, UV resistant vinyl covering (black).

-          Heavy duty rubber floor covering

-          The fifth wheel (full undercut) with ball bearings.

-          Wheels steel: Choice of std. Carriage type with hard rubber tires or rims (diameter: 23”, 25”, 27”, or 29”) with pneumatic tires.  Most put smaller wheel on front and larger on back.

-          Lamp holder on side and rear (removable) and a whip holder

-          Pole: steel, adjustable, spring supported (inside pole) and vinyl covered padding

-          Single shafts: steel and are adjustable in the width

-          Paint: high quality automotive (any color) with pin stripping (choice of color)

-          Length: approx. 10’

-          Width: approx. 67”

-          Track: center of the wheel to center of wheel 63”

-          Weight: Approximately 1,200lbs

-         Base Price for the above $7,995.00

Freight charges are FOB from CT to your door.         Subject  to change based on the money market.




     -        Extra set of wheels (either hard or pneumatic)    $695 set of 4

-          Rear seat longer than 47” add $50 for every 4” added

-          Carriage lamps (2 side and 1 rear) 

-          Lamps are powered by candle, modified to 12 volt add

-          Electric light installation, Includes: battery, running lights, turn indicators, emergency flashers, ect (carriage lamps extra)

-         Cover wagon style top (vinyl).  Price subject to length

Please contact us for more information or to place an order.


Prices are subject to change without notice.

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