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Pioneer Walking Plow
Pioneer Walking Plow

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Quality materials and PIONEER workmanship, together with its simple design, offer an economical plow for the small farmer or homesteader.

Designed and built for performance and reliability, the PIONEER walking plow offers rugged dependability and trouble-free service in the field year-after-year.

A well-balanced design and ease of handling makes it easy for anyone to do a good job of plowing in any kind of soil under most conditions.

Some of the unique features found on the PIONEER walking plow are a sod breaking jointer and a fully adjustable depth gauge wheel as standard equipment.  It comes equipped with a steel handle slide to eliminate wear on the wood handles.  It has a convenient swivel hitch clevis. 


  • Sizes:: 14 inch, - available in RH or LH
  • Moldboard:: Oliver-Raydex type - optional 14 inch John Deere
  • Shares:: Steel, economical and readily available
  • Landside and Heel:: medium landside and heel provide excellent hillside stability
  • Shin:: replaceable hardened shin piece
  • Beam:: 2 piece reinforced medium carbon steel
  • Hitch:: horizontal and vertical adjustment for various hitch sizes
  • Gauge Wheel:: tough semi-steel wheel mounted on adjustable shank
  • Clevis:: forged steel swivel type
  • Handles:: No. 1 select hardware
  • Handle Slide:: included
  • Jointer and Clamp:: included
  • Coverboard:: optional- not included
  • Length:: 98 inches overall
  • Width:: 36 inches overall
  • Height:: 36 inches overall

Gauge Wheel- Used to control depth on walking plows.  It has a 7 inch tough semi-steel wheel mounted on adjustable shank.  A universal clamp allows use on most walking plows.
Jointer- Sod breaking jointer provides a clean furrow when plowing sod.  Features a strong stress-proof steel shank and replaceable point and moldboard.  Available in RH or LH. 
Handle Slide- Keeps walking plow handle from sliding on ground.  Prevents handle from excessive wear.  Your hands stay dry in wet or muddy conditions.  Made for the PIONEER walking plow but readily bolts to most walking plows. 
Plow Handle- 1 inch by 2 inches by 5 foot plow handles made from select hardwoods.  These blank handles can be fitted to replace most walking plow and cultivator handles.


Shipping cost for walking plow will be e-mailed back to you as it has to be shiped truck Frieght.

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